It was better than new!

Dear Dick:
When I brought our car for repair after our recent accident, you estimated the cost at $3,500. My reaction was that the car would never be the same. You assured me that it would and that one would never be able to tell it had been in an accident. At the time I found it hard to believe.
When you completed the work on the car, however, it was better than new! There had been a continuing problem with the front end. It was corrected. The dealer we bought the car from had not been able to correct this. You were right–the car looks great and handles well.
Thank you for arranging for a rental car at very reasonable rates while you had the car. Thanks also for replacing the additional part not included in the estimate which cost you $34.00 at no cost to us.
Sincerely yours,
George L. Heckman

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