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The car looks BEAUUUTIFUL!

Thank you for doing such a wonderful, wonderful job on my car as well as having the patience and staying supportive while I fight against the insurance company for those miniscule amount of money . I understand how much inconvenience I have caused to your business by not accepting the 10%liability claim, whereas Allstate would directly issue at least 90% of the payment if I accepted.
In that sense, I really really appreciate your patience and your willingness to allow me to take time in the negotiations with Ms.Susan Wood. Because of you guys, I could stay secure and confident throughout!! Yes, the fight was only for like a few hundred bucks and probably not worth the time and effort, but I am also a confused recent graduate who have plenty of time on hand but can’t decide whether to go to law school or grad school next year. This experience really meant a lot to me!! Plus I get to keep those 179dollars since my dad is so impressed lol!!
Oh my gosh. can’t thank you enough. And the car looks BEAUUUTIFUL! I’m gonna write tons of ++++++ reviews about Dick’s Collision all over the net, Thanks again!!!!

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